Enjoy 10% off already included in the price when you purchase the especially for 2 veg, fruit and salad trio. Specially designed for couples that prefer to enjoy great food without the hassle of shopping in their free time.  

You will typically get the following:


- 1.5Kg Potatoes

- 500g Salad potatoes

- 750g Carrots (bunched or loose)

- 2 Brassicas ( Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Kale or Sprouts)

- Mixed Onions

- 500g Parsnips

- 200g Mushrooms

-  2 Seasonal Veg

-  4 Apples

-  4 Pears

- 4 Easy Peelers

- 4 Bananas

- 1 Seasonal Fruit

- 1 Lettuce

- 1 Pepper

- 1 Salad Onion

- 1/2 Cucumber

- 250g Salad Tomatoes

- 200g Cherry Tomatoes

- 1 Seasonal Salad Item

Especially For 2 Trio

  • All our fruit and vegetables are hand picked for you and we do our best to get you all your requests.  However, every now and again we may change the contents of your box, due to seasonal or supply changes. But don't worry, we promise to put another equally lovely veggie or fruit in for you.

    Pleaes note our photos don't show actual quantities. 

The Perfect Companion...

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