If you are entertaining a family this Christmas, look no further. Our selection of festive veg, fruit and salad is designed to give you all the help you need to make the perfect Christmas meal. Perfect for a big family gathering!


- 5Kg Maris Piper Potatoes

- 1.5Kg Baby Pearls

- 2Kg Brown onions

- 2 Bunches of Carrots

- 1Kg Loose Carrots

- Red cabbage or green cabbage

- 3 Broccoli

- 1 Cauliflower

- 1.5Kg Parsnips

- 1.5Kg Brussel sprouts


- 2 Iceberg lettuce

- 2 Large cucumber

- 800g IOW pesticide-free cherry tomatoes

- 800g Salad tomatoes

- 3 lemons & 3 Iimes


- 10 Mixed green and red apples

- 10 Conference pears

- 10 Satsumas

- 10 Fair-trade bananas

- 2 Grapes punnets


Premium Christmas Veg-Fruit-Salad Box (8-12 people)

  • All our fruit and vegetables are hand-picked for you and we do our best to get you all your requests.  However, every now and again we may change the contents of your box, due to seasonal and supply changes.  But don't worry, we promise to put another equally lovely veggie or fruit in for you.

    Please note our photos don't show actual quantities.