The ultimate one-stop shop for all your fruit, veg, salad and meat needs for a big family.  You even get your Sunday roast essentials, including a large roasting joint.  

Your box will look something like this:


This Week's Menu (23/06/20 - 27/06/20)


Cornish Potatoes x 2kg

Maris Pipers x 2kg

Onions x 1kg

Bunched Carrots

Loose Carrots x 1kg

Spring Greens

Broccoli x 2

Cauliflower x 1

Beetroot x 1kg

Helga beans x 200g

Courgette x 600g

Closed cup Mushrooms x 400g

Spinach x 300g


Rosso Lettuce x 1

Red Pepper x 1

Large Cucumber x 1


Bunched Spring Onions

Tomatoes x 500g

Isle of Wight Cherry Toms x 300g

Lemons x 2


Apples x 6

Bananas x 8

Satsuma’s x 6

Large Peaches x 3

Large Nectarines x 3

Punnet of Grapes

Finest Tunisian Dates x 200g


1.5kg Top Side Rolled
1 x Whole Chicken 1.5Kg

6 x Chicken breasts skinless and boneless 6-7oz
8 x Rump Steaks 8oz
6 x D cut gammon steaks 6oz
2 x Rindless Unsmoked Back bacon 454g
1 x Lamb loin chops 1Kg
1 x County Butchers award winning Classic sausages 1Kg
500g Diced Lamb
1 x 1Kg Chicken Thigh meat

Big Family Complete

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  • All our fruit and vegetables are hand-picked for you and we do our best to get you all your requests.  However, every now and again we may change the contents of your box, due to seasonal and supply changes.  But don't worry, we promise to put another equally lovely veggie or fruit in for you.

    Please note our photos don't show actual quantities. 

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