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Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Nestled in beautiful country side in the heart of Dorset, Gold Oak Farm have built up a reputation for exceptional cuts of beef and pork, with animal welfare at its heart. Follow us on our discovery of how Farmer John Butler is making a difference.

Gold Oak Farm is a good old-fashioned, close-knit family run farm that takes the care for their animals very seriously: their animals are allowed to roam in an abundance of grass fields, with plenty of variety in their diet, including an exciting supplement of molasses, boiled hops and barley (a by-product of a local brewery). Farmer John explained that allowing their animals to mature strong and healthy, gives way to meat that has a deeper, richer flavour.

Happy animals give great tasting meat

Every aspect of the animal's health and welfare is taking into consideration. John keeps a close eye on the diet requirements of different breeds, health and the age and size of every animal. Animals are kept in groups of similar aged individuals and have access to fresh pasture. He says "the state of mind of the animal is just as important, happy animals give great tasting meat'.

They are also renown for their pork meat and sausages. Farmer John believes that pigs (contrary to popular believe) need a very varied diet, including granes, fruit, veg and natural foraging. They raise their own piglets, using a mixture of breeds for outstanding flavour.

Piglet at Gold Oak Farm

The future

We are incredibly lucky and excited to work so closely with local farms and producers, particularly those with a keen interest in the welfare of their animals. Gold Oak Farm will be supplying all of our meat and pork in the coming months, including their outstanding sausages, which we will be putting in our breakfast boxes.

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