our vision

Here at The Food-Ebox team, we have a vision of making life easier with our local economy and environment in mind. We want to bring together the local producers community so that we can pick the finest products and deliver them straight to your door, minimising pollution in our environment.  


We are truly lucky down here in the South West.  We have some of the best farming lands in the country and, together with its unique climate, the area produces outstanding crops and award-winning cheeses and meat.  We source many of our products direct from producers and farmers, to offer our customers very special (and in many cases, award-winning) products that cannot be found in supermarkets.


Just look around at the High streets and life is changing: most of the retail units are being taken by retail giants and you'd be lucky to find a traditional Fruit and Veg establishment any more.   On top of that, our fast-paced lifestyle leaves no time to carefully source our food and most people struggle to eat a varied, seasonal diet.  We often leave it all to the supermarket giants to pick what we should eat and determine what price they pay, creating a vacuum for local supply of fresh produce.    Furthermore, intensive farming in certain areas, together with pollution, is hurting our precious planet and destroying habitats for all living things.  It is time we take action to minimise the amount of packaging we consume.


We know we can’t reverse years of centralisation progression in one fell swoop but hope that, with your support, we can contribute to the local community and the local environment, demonstrating new ways to deliver local services and develop new ways of being productive and competitive and in the process.


We want to make eating seasonal, balanced and varied easy and affordable for all families from small to very large, whilst reducing our overall carbon footprint.  


We hope you too are a Food-E and help us on this our journey.